Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine embraces the full spectrum of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental factors that influence your health. This comprehensive and individualized approach is beneficial, whether you want to maintain optimal health or you are coping with a chronic medical condition.

During an integrative medicine consultation, Dr. Weiser-McCarthy will obtain a detailed history and physical exam. She may send lab work or request further diagnostic studies. Once your evaluation is complete, she will formulate a comprehensive treatment plan for you and your referring physician that fits your lifestyle and medical needs. This may include dietary recommendations, stress management techniques, exercise programs, supplements or referral to a complementary provider (acupuncturist, reiki practitioner, physical therapist, health coach, etc). All patients who are seen by Dr. Weiser-McCarthy will have access to the experienced complementary providers in her office.


Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years, originating with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is used to promote relaxation, reduce pain and support well being. Acupuncture treatment consists of the insertion of fine needles at specific points on the body’s surface. Each point provides a specific function to regulate the free flow of blood and vital energy, or "Qi". When this energy is impaired or blocked, it can cause physical discomfort and emotional distress. Acupuncture aims to balance and restore the flow of Qi and has been shown to relieve pain, promote relaxation, balance hormones, improve digestion and circulation, and enhance healing.

Our acupuncturist, Marie, is also a licensed herbalist. If she recommends herbal remedies for your medical condition, she will first consult with Dr. Weiser-McCarthy to ensure that your treatment is safe and compatible with your other medications.


Reiki is a hands-on healing technique that originated in Japan. It promotes deep relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki can be used to enable relaxation, relieve pain, speed healing or reduce symptoms of illness.

Our Reiki practitioner, Tara, combines Reiki with sound therapy, using healing frequencies applied through tuning forks and singing bowls. Patients report experiences ranging from deep relaxation to meditative trances to liberating emotional release.


Proper diet is essential to maintaining good health and preventing or controlling many serious illnesses. Our registered dietician, Shari, works with patients one on one to provide nutritional counseling and support. She will create a personalized nutrition plan that meets your needs and lifestyle. Shari focuses on eating whole, organic foods in order to promote healthy digestion, reduce inflammation, and maintain a healthy weight. She is particularly well versed in gastrointestinal health and can help address a wide range of medical issues through nutrition. Shari works closely with Dr. Weiser-McCarthy to ensure that your nutrition program is best suited to address your medical concerns.

Health Coaching

Our certified health coach, Wendy, can work with you to help implement and maintain your treatment plan. She provides accountability for adhering to regular mindfulness practice, maintaining exercise regimens, and following nutrition recommendations. She also helps patients manage their busy schedules to find time to prioritize health and well being. Wendy will report to Dr. Weiser-McCarthy if she feels that your plan is not fitting well with your lifestyle or if you are not getting the desired results so that your treatment plan can be modified.

HeartMath Meditation

Meditation is a practice in which an individual uses a technique, such as breathing or focusing the mind on a particular object, to train attention and awareness and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years amongst multiple cultures and religious traditions.  More recently, scientific research has demonstrated that meditative practice can help in the management and prevention of a range of medical conditions, including anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, insomnia, and weight management. 

HeartMath is a guided meditation practice that uses a heart rate variability monitor to help provide physical evidence that you are meditating effectively.  Our nurse, Blake, is a certified HeartMath practitioner and can help you gain greater control over your physiological response to stress.  During a session, you will be guided through a breathing based meditation while a heart rate variability monitor shows you how meditative practice affects your central nervous system and elicits a relaxation response. 

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